We saw little ants, since the first time it still painted and then we continue to search more information. and since the very first time Faith meet Ms. Sani, he just happy and run happily to go inside, plays with so many toys, and interact with Ms. Nancy and Ms. Sani, that’s the first time we know that this is the best place for Faith to grow and learn. from the summer school, we saw that Faith learn much, and the most important he enjoy the school activity, since we afraid that he will not happy with the school or hard to adapt. time flies, a year passed, we are happy and proud parents, now Faith can talk, that’s the best give we could ever had.

We see the teachers are very cheerful person, caring, and passionate with their job, they really teach Faith and others student with a happy face, positive energy, give motivation to us as parents, and for that, we are really grateful. we always share this stories to all people we met including family, and friends. so we hope that they know about little ants, and willing to place their child to study here.

Faith’s Parents

“We are very happy to see our 4-yr and 2-yr old daughters at Little Ants having great time learning, and developing valuable life skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.  Staffing and the environment at Little Ants are ideal for our kids, the place is supper clean and well maintained.  Both of our kids never get bored and they are excited to go to school.”

Sophie & Katelyn’s Parents

“I enrolled my son Harry in Little Ants School when he was 15 months old after visiting many child care programs. The process of elimination began with the first visit. Not only was the first time to Little Ants pleasant and inviting, but I noticed the facilities there are extremely clean and new.

Harry loves to go to school. Every time when we entering the school, all of the teachers greeting each child by name, with attention given to each child. They treat everyone as an individual, with their own strengths and needs. We specially appreciated Harry’s awesome teachers Ms. Siska and Ms. Caca who understand both mommy and Harry’s challenges with the separation anxiety, and handled us with patience and love. Learning in Little Ants is so much fun. Harry loves the singing, dancing, and painting with the teachers, and of course, the Chinese class. Thank you to the Little Ants for an incredible early childhood curriculum that engages and teaches at all steps of the day. Our boy become more outgoing, independent and respectful of others.”

Harrys’s Parents 

Almost 9 months, Javier has the wonderful experience in Little Ants Preschool. It is my pleasure to recommend Little Ants Preschool to others.The first thing when we choose school for our child is the placement of building. Little Ants is not only because it has new building but the maintenance and their commitment to make the school always clean and safety, I really appreciate.

All teachers in Little Ants are trustworthy, reliable, and never looked uncomfortable with our child. They always give smile and being patience with our child. Children has new experience every day. Little Ants always gives new thing and it makes our child more creative.

Last but not least, the daily report makes Little Ants different with another school. The report always tells the positive thing, so parents can repeat the rules and the routines at home. And the newspaper too, so we can know what our child do in a week.

Javier’s Parents